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Let this be recorded for a generation to come,
so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord

Psalm 102:18
  • Day12: Petra

    Day12: Petra

    We look at Petra and see a wonder of how nature has carved the rock and what humankind has carved into the rock. But the greatest wonder is the stories of the civilization, the people who lived there. The Nabateans. As I understand it this Arab tribe first lived as bedouins in the Negev Desert… Read…

  • Day11: Jordan

    Day11: Jordan

    After a tenuous start at the border … waiting for permission to pass into the country not once but twice … we entered Jordan, an arresting mountainous country of 60% desert. (Our guide told us that the Jordan desert can be seen from space.) Here we walked backward into our story: Jesus’ baptism at the… Read…

  • Day10: Christ Church & the Tower of David

    Day10: Christ Church & the Tower of David

    This morning was the day of rest. We worshipped at Christ Church the first and oldest Protestant Church in Jerusalem. It was established by Michael Solomon Alexander, a Messianic believer whose heart God burdened to reach His chosen people for Christ. He arrived in Jerusalem the 1830’s and began looking for land to purchase. Through… Read…