Brotherhood of Bacon
Rector: Karl Griswold-Kuhn

The men of Church of the Messiah meet every Saturday at Spektor Coffee in Glens Falls at 8 am to eat breakfast, drink coffee and study the word of God together.  All men are welcome to join every week or when they are able.  

Many Christians who recognize that disciplined, systematic study is essential to Christian growth find it difficult to know how to put their goals into practice and feel the need for guidance. God’s Riches helps to supply this need.

Written in the form of an instruction manual, it serves as an introductory work-book to Christian doctrine. Containing a series of study units it is carefully balanced between providing information and directing study. Its authors lead the student through the biblical teaching on God and his character, works and sovereignty, man and his sin, redemption in Christ and the way of grace. New Christians will find God’s Riches and valuable introduction to the central themes of Scripture; all who use it will benefit from the encouragement it gives to a deeper knowledge of God’s truth.