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The Week that Changed the World

twtctw Saturday

Holy week, Day 7 – Saturday

Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is Saturday. On this day, Jesus shows us grief … but He invites us to hope.

twtctw Friday

Holy Week, Day 6 – Good Friday

It’s Good Friday. The day Jesus hangs on a cross. In that moment, He shows us compassion. He invites us to receive.

twtctw Wednesday

Holy Week, Day 4 – Wednesday

As we come to the middle of the Passion Week, we take Wednesday to reflect on the first part of Maundy Thursday. Jesus shows us symbols and He invites us to remember.

twtctw Palm Sunday

Holy Week, Day 1 – Palm Sunday

The first day of Passion Week is Palm Sunday. On this Sunday, Jesus shows us majesty. He invites us to worship.