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Holy Spirit Vigil

… A daily meditation. A new meditation each day can be found here, beginning Friday May 27

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father,

We turn to you with heavy hearts;
give ear to our call as we cry out to you!
In your faithfulness hear us
and answer us with your comfort and mercy.
Receive into your arms of love and grace
the innocents killed by this violence that roams our land.
Place your hand of healing
upon those who are wounded in body and spirit.
Give comfort and succor
to those who grieve for them.
Fill with wisdom and mercy
those who care for them.
Help us in our confusion;
help us in our fear;
help us in our sorrow.
For you, O LORD, are our only refuge and strength;
You alone are our present help.
Remind us that we are safe in your steadfast love.
Strengthen our resolve to pray for real and lasting change.
And grant us your peace that this world cannot give.
We bless you, LORD, in Jesus’ Name.