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Day 2 & 3: Fasten your seatbelts …

It’s the end of Day 3 and I’ve not had any time until now to let you in on Day 2. There’s way too much to share … way too much … so here are highlights:

Ceasarea Maritime is an impressive ruin of Herod’s city built to impress and gain Caesar’s favor but Mt. Carmel beats it hands down. Mtr. Carmel (or very near it) is where Elijah defeated the Baal priests of Jezebel and also where he prayed for God to send rain after the drought. To imagine Elijah’s servant running up and down the mountain to check for rain … that servant was in some great shape! But also from the top of Mt. Carmel you have a 360 degree view of Israel. It is most spectacular. It truly deserves the word awe-inspiring.

Statue of Elijah at Mt Carmel

I took away a sense that as people of God we should expect the unexpected in prayer and we should press into looking for God to answer. Elijah sent the servant three times to look for rain. How many times do we pray and then give up because we don’t see an answer. Be faithful in prayer then look for the unexpected … even the wisp of a cloud on the horizon. Trust in God to answer.

Today, we hung out in Capernaum and on the Sea of Galilee. Oh friends, to be in the place where Jesus performed the most miracles, gave the most teachings, calmed the sea, … walked on water … no words can describe the experience. (You will have to come next time!) We saw Peter’s home that became a place of worship (frescoes were found in the house mentioning Jesus Christ, Lord, and Peter.) Capernaum was fascinating as the 4th century synagogue rests upon a 1st century synagogue, which may very likely be the place where Jesus healed and taught so many. The place where Jesus taught the Beatitudes and close by the multiplication of loaves and fishes … they are natural stadium seating making it easy to see how he taught 5,000 plus and then they sat to eat together being cooled by a breeze off of the sea.

We also saw the 1st century boat discovered in the mud on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. one can easily imagine the fear being caught in such a small vessel on a raging sea. Seeing this boat and visiting the other places around Galilee reminded me of keeping our eyes fixed on Him, trusting Him with every aspect of our lives, and looking for His work within us and among us. Look and listen are good takeaway words from today.

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