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Day7: The Temple Mount …

Books are written about one aspect of the Temple Mount, so what shall I tell you from my walkabout there? The Scriptures that kept coming to mind were Jesus’ two predictions: 1. Regarding the Temple not one stone will be left upon another and, 2. I will come again.

First, you need to know that if there is a holy site in Jerusalem … Jewish or Christian … a mosque is going to be planted over it or right next to it. The Dome of the Rock sits upon the site where it is thought that Abraham was called by God to sacrifice his son. An angel of the Lord stopped him beforehand and provided a ram. On this place sat the Temple. Most orthodox Jews will not venture onto the Temple Mount for fear of walking over the Holy of Holies. Others will only walk the perimeter while they pray. Everyone has opportunity to pray at the Western Wall, the closest one can get to where the Temple stood without violating the holiness of God. A tunnel that runs beneath this area has been excavated where prayer closets have been built for men and for women (separate by gender) and a Synagogue with an alabaster floor. I must say it is one of the most beautiful places of worship I have ever seen. These places reveal Herodian stones cut and set in place for the foundation of the Temple Mount.

The muslims have authority on the Temple Mount and only with their permission can any work be done. We walked past an area that was full of rocks and stones that most likely came from the Temple itself when it was pulled down by the Romans (not one stone left upon another is prophecy fulfilled … not one stone of the Temple or any structure from the Temple complex is left.) near one pile of stones we saw a large pile of rubble that probably still holds hidden treasures. We won’t know until we are allowed to sift through it. At present it sits silently waiting.

Walking through this disregarded area we came upon a mosque built into a double gate. It was the Golden Gate, the gate where Jesus will enter the Temple when He comes again. The southern steps where pilgrims ascended to the Temple are on the other side of this gate. It is one of the few places where you can say with certainty that Jesus feet walked here. The steps lead down to the valley toward the Mount of Olives. It is on the Mount of Olives that Jesus will come again. BTW, another name for the Golden Gate is Gate of Mercy. what a blessing an encouragement that our Lord will return to us through the Gate of Mercy … His unconditional grace. He is the sacrifice for us.

Just a final note for today … more when I return home … I went to the Wailing Wall today, the Western Wall and prayed for you my Messiah Family as well as for all of you my family and friends who are following me on this blog. Shalom aleichem.

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