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Holy Spirit Vigil

A daily meditation, May 27th – June 5th, 2022

Come, Holy Spirit. Come. … Day 5

With hearts humbled from confession, let us seek our Father for the assurance of forgiveness, the assurance of his loving kindness and steadfast love. Is this not the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and lives?!…

Come, Holy Spirit. Come. … Day 4

A twist for today that I hope will encourage you onward in this vigil. I was reading a blog by Farrell Mason, and she quoted a poet I enjoy – Rainer Maria Rilke. The poem she shared fit perfectly with this longing for a deeper awareness of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit Vigil Day 3

Take yourself to a quiet place in your home, garden, lakeside, or woods. Take a deep breath remembering His breath that gives life, gave life in the beginning of all things…

Holy Spirit Vigil, Day 2

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come! (13)

O you whose name is the LORD, who alone are the Most High over all the earth! …

Holy Spirit Vigil, Day 1

I begin … or may I be bold enough to say, We begin … a 10 day vigil for the Holy Spirit to fall afresh in our lives. I didn’t know how to start and then…